Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Friends Of The Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter,…. Fo Realz??


“He was pulled by a rescue”,…. That rescue happened to be HASRA. Why “Friends” wants to  avoid helping the animals they say they so dearly love is anyone’s guess. Chipper was posted as urgent several times. If “Friends” had Chippers best interest in mind, they would have disclosed where he was so that he might be adopted. Yet,… they chose the low road. What a great group of folks huh? Folks,… it is good to know information about who and what you support. For me personally,… I like to know the things I support, whether it be a business, eating establishment or just a person on my facebook friends list is on the up and up. I like dealing with honest folks, people of character and people that actually care about what they do. I’m sure most of you feel the same way too. For what it is worth, no rebuttal comments will be allowed because this is pretty cut and dry. If anyone from “Friends” wants to apologize for not having Chippers best interest in mind,… I will gladly publish that.


  1. sad sad sad! There should not be such a division. Are they friends of animals or just friends of the folks at the shelter?

  2. I'm guessing the latter,......

  3. Sadly I am not surprised.
    Wishing we could all just get along.... because really, who cares which facility an animal is adopted from as long as the animal finds a good home??!!

  4. one word,... PAWS. People do not know what they have done. Everything from misusing money designated for Make A Wish to asking for a free computer,... they don't even have an office to put it in,... it is very sad,...