Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hendershot For Sheriff,………


I said I wasn’t going to do politics again. But I just cannot stand the thought of a past Florence police chief being sheriff. He needs to stay at his family bbq joint and continue to make mediocre bbq.

A while back I had blogged about Augie Hendershot for sheriff during the primaries. I removed that blog due to what I felt was going to turn into a he said/she said deal after his wife contacted me. I then also said to a friend that is a blogger that I wasn’t going to do political blogs anymore. But the closer this gets the more I have to voice my opinion. I feel Chief Hendershot is the man for the job regardless of how many times he has been married according to Shoalanda. Remember, there are always two sides to every story and usually a third side that is closer to the truth.  Chief Hendershot has no knowledge of this blog yet and a future blog I will do as the November race gets closer. That blog will include former Florence Police officers and their trauma under the rule of Chief Singleton. So even if Chief Hendershot does not win, that forthcoming blog will still take place so it will not be endorsed by any candidate. 

I do feel I owe Chief Hendershot an apology for taking down my blog and I offer that now.  Good luck in the runoff and I think you’ll do a fine job for the citizens of Lauderdale County.

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