Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bama Wins,…. But,….


Hey a win is a win I guess. First time start for Blake Sims. While Sims did an okay job,… several areas were suspect.

Offensive line play was terrible at the onset but they did improve as the game wore on. Blocking and opening lanes for the backs improved in the second half.  I’d give the o line a C grade. And that is after improving in the second half. On a side note, the o line did not allow a sack.

Defense was unacceptable. Line play, linebacker play and defensive backs just didn’t get it done. I don’t know if it is talent, coaching or lack of but they were lack luster at best. The whole defensive unit gets a D. I was not impressed.

Special teams was another concern of mine and it proved to be correct. Bama allowed the return for a score but,…. they did get some good kicking from Adam Griffith,…. Adam was a bright spot on the special teams. Adam gets an A while the rest of the unit gets a C,…. mainly for allowing West Virginia the return. Punting was an area of concern for me too and it was better than I had hoped.

All in all,…. with the talent level Bama has recruiting,… I would think the playing would be better than what I witnessed today. I know it is a new era in Bama football because of the quarterback change but for Bama fans to say we just reload is a joke. We haven’t reloaded anything. I’m afraid Bama is in for a long season. Maybe some coaching changes are in the future,….

The media had Bama built up to be this machine. Both the print media and the talking heads. They also said Coker would start. I said in a blog post earlier that Sims would get the nod. Go me. It just goes to show you can’t believe everything you hear or read from the media. Whether it be sports or politics.

It is early in the season of course but Bama had better improve greatly on defense if they expect to compete.