Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Do Not Blame A Church For Pedophiles/Rapists,….


With breaking news of yet another church youth minister gone array. I’ve already seen the church bashing happening on facebook. Atheists, general non believers and even so called Christians relish in the thoughts that a youth minister has gone astray. These people lose sight of the fact that children are the victims in these situations but they are so quick to point out the flaws of the “church” for these incidents,

The churches where these things have happened are not at fault. They are trusted places for children yes. But my thinking is they are also a place for pedophiles/rapists to seek their prey out also. Parents,… rethink what your child does at your church. Be there with your child if at all possible. It is sad to think that children are not safe at church functions with a youth minister. Is it time to do away with that job title? They didn’t have youth groups in the Bible that I’m aware of. There is no record of it to my knowledge. But things evolve and change. To criticize a church for having a youth minister that steps outside the boundaries where children are concerned is just,…. for lack of a better term,…. STUPID! More than likely you just want to spread your religion of hating religion. Blame the person,… not the church.

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