Thursday, August 7, 2014

Muscle Shoals School System Drops The Ball,….

Yeah, that’s right. On the first day of classes, the school system fumbled the ball with no time on the clock.


Hayleigh Black, 16, was sent home because of her hair color. The reason,…. it was distracting. According to a WAFF report the school had sent home 2 others with pink and orange hair. The system said it had to be consistent with school policy so Hayleigh was sent home too.

I understand we need rules and guidelines and such. But hair color? Even pink isn’t distracting to me. I’m thinking it is more distracting for school officals than the kids. Kids are used to hair styles, colors and the like. Hayleigh has had the same color for 3 years and it just became a problem today? That’s wrong Muscle Shoals. I’ll tell you what is distracting,… when I was in the fourth grade, a teacher had an arm cut off at the elbow. She didn’t hide it or cover it up in anyway, but to me, it was distracting. Did anyone complain? No. While I was in the 8th grade,… you know those puberty years, we had a science teacher that wore short skirts and low cut tops,…. for an 6th grade kid, that was about as distracting as it got. Again, did anyone complain? You’re kidding, right?

According to the WAFF website, Hayleigh will change her hair color to suit school officials. But I think they’re in the wrong.  You can view the WAFF video here,… WAFF Report


  1. Beautiful hair! What a tool to make that decision to send her home.

  2. There's a bunch of panty-laced morons in charge, and they are EVERY-freaking-where! There are real problems in the world, they are worried about hair color? Please! Worry about drugs for a start. If they need a list after that, I'll be happy to supply them with one.

    Somebody pull me off my soapbox!

  3. Good points OB!!

    There is a petition and I have heard they plan to appeal as well. Interesting to me that at least one of the others sent home stated they would not be stripping their hair in order to return to school.

    I agree, the idea that someone expressing their individuality through dress/hair/jewelry etc causes distractions worthy of sending them home is ridiculous. Hayleigh's hair is beautiful. Considering she has had it for three years I think it's pretty obvious this is something that makes her happy and who the crap does the administrator who sent her home think he is?!

    I could understand if there were a specific dress code stating no red, pink, orange, blue dyed hair allowed. Then ok fine they broke a rule and consequences follow. This is not that case.

    Oh. And for the record, this summer my 11 year old had bright blue streaks, my 3 year old chose cotton candy pink all over and I tried hot pink underneath and streaks. We loved it, had lots of fun and it has already washed out. To my knowledge, we did not cause any harm due to distractions....