Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Next Starting QB at Bama Will Be,….


Personally I think it will be Blake Sims. Sims has been in the program, paid his dues, knows the system and can be a game manager. Bama fans have long been spoiled with some fairly good play at the quarterback position the past several years. McElroy did a fine job as did McCarron. Now for the first game or two Sims wins the starting spot. All the hype surrounding Jacob Coker kind of has been over blown in my opinion. I think he came in over rated from Florida State. I have not been that impressed with his practices so far but it does take time to “gel” with the receivers, backs and the rest of the offense. Knowing your supporting cast will benefit Sims to the point I do believe he will be named the starter. But even then, if he doesn’t perform well, Coach could make a switch. Don’t count Cooper Bateman out of the loop just yet either. I’ve read some things where people are trying to make this a black/white issue. That is just so wrong to do. This is about who will do the best for the team, who can give Bama the best chance to win each week. This is NOT a black/white issue,… it is a CRIMSON issue!!!!

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