Saturday, August 2, 2014

Where Nick Saban Fails,….

First,… I am a Bama fan. Most of you know this. I’m also a Nick Saban fan. I do believe in his “Process”. His way works and works well.
That said,.. you have to know where you came from to get to where you're going.
Where I do think he comes up short though,… is in teaching the new guys, the younger players, well at this point in time, any player, the history of the Alabama Crimson Tide. These new kids, especially the ones recruited out of state have no idea of the history, the lean years, the championship years of times past. To better understand what it takes to be competitive wearing a crimson jersey, I would think these guys would need to know the history behind Joe Willy’s number 12 or Derrick Thomas’ number 55 and all he achieved while wearing crimson. Another great linebacker, Lee Roy Jordan needs to be preached. Stabler, Ozzie, Homan need to be instilled in these guys minds as who they need to aspire to. Ears Whitworth needs to be talked about too. In terms of what is not acceptable.
Do I think Nick is really failing? Of course not. But I haven’t heard a lot of past history being taught to these kids that do not know Alabama football and it’s storied past, both good and bad.

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