Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Florence Mall,… Ganats and Legionnaires?

Ganats,… aka gnats. I always liked trying to pronounce the “G” just to grate on peoples nerves. Hopefully I can do the same with this blog post.
Sears is underneath a cooling tower which back in October of 2013, was linked to an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease.  Link for the news report in 2013 Gnats where visible then and guess what? The gnats are back.
This from an employee at Sears,….
“I work at Sears and the gnats are bad. We have nasty water oozing from the ceiling. I have asked the mall manager about the gnat problem, he doesn't seem to think it's a problem. I posted this to their FB page, they removed it. I re-posted it, they removed it again and now I can't post on their page. After all the money they have spent on landscaping, it seems like they could fix the internal problems. Who can I call about this problem? Someone said the health dept. It's funny, we had the same problem last year. The gnat problem went away when they were forced to clean after someone died at the Nursing Home. I'm tired of getting bitten. It's embarrassing when customers are constantly swatting them.”
This was also posted on the Florence Mall’s facebook page only to be removed. It was posted a second time. Again, removed and the person was blocked from posting anything else. So after all of the renovations, is the mall management concerned that this could be happening again? It sure doesn’t look like it.

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