Saturday, September 6, 2014

Florence Missed The Boat,… Literally,…


Photo credit: Jeff Whitten

As much of Florence and the Shoals slept, a piece of WW2 history cruised by Florence and the harbor. While Florence city leaders were busy with ribbon cuttings and planning their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, they could have been on the phone trying to contact the ship or by sending a simple email to them at The contact info wasn’t hard to obtain. Nor was their page telling about the history of the ship. Oh wait,… maybe the tourism board were the ones who could have contacted the 325. Well they are probably still busy polishing the new furnishings in their new building.

For those interested in some of the history of this ship, go HERE. This same ship was at Normandy and various other battle sites during WW2. It is truly a piece of American History. But don’t fret, according to Florence Main Street they will let us know when the return trip is so we can watch it cruise back by.


  1. I think something was supposed to be in our area earlier. By the time I found out about it, it was too late. I never saw any info on it. I hope I get to see it when it comes back though our sleepy town.

  2. I had read earlier in the day that it would be through here between 10 and 11 pm. Florence has a harbor too,... just sad it wasn't utilized for this.