Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jameis Winston,… Strip His Heisman!,…..


Jameis Winston will sit today and not play. Last years Heisman winner has shown nothing in the way of integrity during his colligate career. Sexual assault allegations, stealing crab legs and now his latest,…. standing on a table and shouting vulgar phrases. No,… that doesn't show any kind of integrity. And that is part of what the Heisman is all about.

Winston was suspended not by his coach. Jim Fisher, but by the school president and the athletic director. All public conduct of an athlete, especially the conduct of those who are members of major public organizations like the FSU football team, is the responsibility of the athletic organization. Regardless of any punishment meted out by the administration, Fisher has the responsibility to ensure the adequacy of any such punishment and to increase the punishment if he deems it necessary. Instead, he gave Winston "an ice cream cone" and relied on the administration to make the tough decision for him. Fisher's conduct in this matter is frankly pathetic and he deserves his own suspension for his own lack of good judgment.

I haven’t been impressed with his attitude since the Heisman presentation. Upon announcing his name as the winner, he walked by the other guys up for the award and went to his parents. That I have no problem with. The problem comes when walking up to the podium, he again walks past the other four Heisman hopefuls and never acknowledges they were even in the room. The guy is a thug. Strip his Heisman.


  1. If any other player acted the way Winston hacks he would have been removed from the team long ago. He's a disgrace to college football and the FSU football program. Jimbo Fisher is just as bad for allowing this to go on. It just shows that he lacks integrity and only cares about winning.