Sunday, September 28, 2014

Les Miles To Michigan?,……


Brady Hoke’s job as coach at Michigan is in jeopardy. He is on the hottest seat in college football at the moment. I look for him to be fired at seasons end if not before. The Wolverines are currently 2-3 and things don’t look good for the program. Michigan has fallen to the point it is time for a change at the head coaching spot and possibly the athletic director too if Dave Brandon doesn’t act. If he (Brandon) shows too much loyalty to Hoke, both could be in the unemployment line.

So why Les Miles to Michigan? Les played there and was an assistant there. I think it is one of those deals where you can take the boy out of Michigan but you can’t take Michigan out of the boy. Couple that with the fact the LSU Tigers are not the team this year that they have been. Yes they are winning but I think it is only a matter of time before LSU falls to being mediocre. The hand writing may be on the wall and if Les ever wants to return to his alma mater, this may be his last chance to right the ship for the Wolverines.

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