Thursday, September 25, 2014

SEC Picks,…. Week 5,….

Once again the college football season seems to be moving too fast. Slow down and let us enjoy it please.
There are a few SEC matchups this week and a few teams still are playing the cupcakes. However, I did think Indiana was a cupcake last week and Missouri came up short.
Tennessee @ Georgia,…. I think the Vols are an improved team this year. Georgia,… is Georgia. They seem to disappoint in at least a couple of games every year. The Dawgs shouldn’t disappoint in this game as the try to help Mark Richt keep his job. One day, Georgia alum will get tired of mediocre play. Georgia 35 Tennessee 17

Vandy @ Kentucky,… Well Vandy has returned to their old ways of losing. Kentucky took Florida into OT but does that mean Kentucky is improved or Florida  is that bad. I think it is a little of both. Florida prevails,  28-7 LOL,... I guess I had Florida on my mind,... Kentucky prevails.

Arkansas @ Texas A&M,… This could be a good game if the Arky offense shows up. I do think A&M is too strong,… A&M 36 Arky 31

Louisiana Tech @ auburn,… La Tech can score some point. auburn has a few defensive issues. Closer than one might think,… the tiggers wear them down in the 4th quarter,… auburn 38 La Tech 17

Missouri @ South Carolina,… Before Steve Spurriers comments about how bad his team is and literally throwing them under the bus, I would have said the Gamecocks crush an over rated Missouri Tiger team.  I would certainly understand if the Gamecocks quit playing for the old ball coach. I thought his comments were a bit over the top, to the media. He should have addressed the team instead. I do think USC east pulls it out. SC 31 Missouri 17

Memphis @ Ole Miss,…. Memphis won’t have a long ride back home after this loss. Ole Miss uses this as a practice game for next week. Ole Miss 42 Memphis 17

New Mexico St @ LSU,… No contest. LSU gets to play 3rd string early if they wish to.  LSU 45 New Mexico St 10

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