Thursday, October 2, 2014

Alabama @ Ole Miss


Alabama/Ole Miss week,…  Ole Miss is one of the few SEC teams I actually respect. Why? I really don’t know why and I don’t have an exact reason why but I do. If I weren’t a Bama fan,… I’d be a Rebel fan. But I am Crimson through and through so the Rebels and their Hotty Toddy will have to wait until next week for me to be a Rebel Bear fan.

The Rebels are much improved on defense. The unit as a whole are the best Bama has seen all year by far. And maybe will be one of the best all season. The line play is good while the linebacker play is very good and the defensive backs/corners are also very good. Ole Miss has a better defense than Bama. Hands down. On the other side of the ball,… Ole Miss comes up a bit short. Bo Wallace has to be a bit of a disappointment for Rebel fans. 6 INTs this early in the season tells me a couple of things. He either is trying to force the ball into the receivers or he is just making bad reads. Either way, being a Senior QB he isn’t playing like one. That does not mean he won’t do that this Saturday,… but in order for Ole Miss to win this game, they will have to have superb play from Bo Wallace. He does have some great players to throw to if the line gives him time.

Home field advantage could make a difference in this game. The Tide did prepare today inside for the crowd noise but I’m not sure you can ever prepare for that totally. In my mind this game could be a coin flip,… but in my gut I see the Tide winning because they have more playmakers on offense. Turnovers could be a key and Bama isn’t looking too good in that dept as of late,… Okay,… I have to quit analyzing this game and pick a score. Alabama 31 Ole Miss 28,…. I think It will be close,…. Roll Tide!!

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