Monday, October 20, 2014

An Endorsement For Lauderdale County Sheriff,….



A retired police captain offers his reasons why he would vote for Chief Hendershot. Remember when it comes time to cast your vote,… don’t waste it. Make it count. Vote Augie!!


A note to my friends in Lauderdale County on the upcoming election for Sheriff.
Hi everyone, I am Joe Kelley, retired TVA Police Captain with approximately 33 years of experience. A good friend and coworker of mine recently reminded me of the numerous conversations we had about leadership. Leadership comes in many forms and sometimes I truly believe that we think that leadership comes automatically with the position. Just because you have ascended to a position of authority or high status, does not make you a good leader. I have worked for good and bad leaders. I have always tried to take what I learned from the best and repeat it and take what I learned from the worst and not repeat it.

As I have seen four directors of the TVA Police come and go over the duration of the TVAP. The one that impressed me the most was the one who was approachable and knew how to motivate his officers by the proven method of “leading by example”. This will top the list of every class I have taken on leadership. Many say they do this, but not many follow-thru.

Larger departments have the benefit of several layers of supervision. Officers have a chain of command to go through to reach the top. Sometimes the only time they see the Chief is when they do something very wrong or it’s a major incident. Smaller departments do not have this chain of command and the Chief, Sheriff, Commander, etc. is more of a working head of the department. To sum this up, a larger department’s Chief leads his supervisory staff who in turn leads their subordinates. A smaller department’s Chief/Sheriff leads his supervisory staff and his officers/deputies.

No educational degree can make you a great leader. It can make you a better administrator. During my career I tried to follow this simple leadership quote. “To be a good leader, you must stay far enough ahead to lead, but yet close enough behind to motivate.”

For my Lauderdale County friends, this is why I would vote for Augie Hendershot as my Sheriff. During my patrol days around the area of Wheeler Dam, Augie Hendershot was one of the law enforcement professionals that I knew I could call for assistance if needed. No matter time of day or night, if needed he would have responded to assist any L.E. officers in need. This is a working leader who cared for his officers and the public he served. The kind I would have loved to work for.


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