Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bama Is A Train Wreck,….


Below is a post from a Bama fan site I go to. The guy says exactly what I wanted to. So I borrowed his words. I keep seeing comments like Sims needs to sit and Coker needs to play from people that supposedly know football. I guess I’m in the minority but Sims is still the guy. If he weren’t, Coker would have started. It is time to look at the coaching staff from top to bottom. This is Alabama football. It is bigger than any one person. Player or coach.

Here is that post,…..

I was in Fayetteville last night, and other than the run defense, which was outstanding against a team that can run on just about anybody, it looked positively DuBosian.
Recounting some of the lowlights:
- FOUR fumbles on punt or kick returns.
- At least one other fumble that I can remember. There may have been more, as I tried to erase them from memory.
- At least two passes that should have been intercepted.
- Struggles with FG kicking continue, with another miss at an eminently makeable distance.
- On a critical third-and-1, we break the huddle with 12 men, AFTER A TIME OUT!! Now it's third and six. How in the name of all that's holy does this happen when the chance for confusion is negated by having plenty of time to get squared away?
- On another critical third and one, our fifth year senior OL jumps for the umpteenth time. A quirk in the penalty / clock rules, in combination with earlier injudicious use of time outs and coach's challenges by Arkansas, effectively allows us to run out the clock. But I promise you, that wasn't part of 77's thought processes at the time. The repeated lack of discipline is both galling and telling.
- We've got two of the best running backs in the country, and we can't run against one of the more porous defenses we'll face in the SEC.
- On a 4th and inches, we get stuffed in what may have been the ugliest QB sneak in the history of the game.
That effort will not win against any team left on our schedule. It should not have won last night. I had flashbacks to 2000.
How did it come to this? Here are my thoughts:
- Special teams coaching. I've been saying it quietly for several years now, and Jess finally came out with it in print: we need to find a replacement for Bobby Williams. I know he's a loyal and long-time friend of Saban's. So find him an off-field spot in the Athletic Department. His kick coverage teams have been a weakness for long time, and it's now bleeding over into other areas. Last night I was seriously advocating instructions not to field punts under any circumstances. Just let them roll dead wherever that might happen.
- QB. Apparently, the coaches think Sims gives us the best chance to win. Healthy, that might be so. I don't think he's recovered from the shoulder he hurt against Florida. We haven't even attempted a deep (or even truly downfield) pass since that game. Defenses no longer respect the threat, and that tips the first in a series of dominoes....
- Knowing we aren't going to throw more than 10 yards past the LOS, opposing DBs cheat up. This (1) crowds the field, placing a premium on passing accuracy -- never Sims' strong suit, and (2) makes it harder to run.
-OL. Sure, we miss Ryan Kelly, but injuries are part of the game, and the loss of the center shouldn't affect us like it has. We have a revolving door at RG. A fifth year senior LG is improved, but still makes repeated mental mistakes in pressurized situations. Despite stellar recruiting, we look confused, slow, and vulnerable. Loss of Kelly aside, the OL has actually regressed. It's time to evaluate every player and coach here.
Now for the hard part...none of this is quickly fixable. So what do we do right now? I don't think there are any easy answers. As fans, we have to remain supportive of the players, hang on until Kelly returns, and accept the idea that it may be unrealistic for this team to make it through the season as a contender for championships of any description. Then we have to trust Saban to make the right offseason moves.

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  1. Great teams can have off years. Miss. State and Auburn are probable losses.