Friday, October 3, 2014

SEC Picks,…. Week 6


Florida @ Tennessee,…. My how times have changed for these two. The once mighty Vols are a mere shadow of what they once were. Same thing for the Gators.The loser of this game will probably have no chance of winning the SEC East. In a mild upset,… I’m going with Tennessee. 24-17


Texas A&M @ Mississippi St.,…. Normally this game would be an easy pick. State is playing well and improved from last year. This one could really go either way and I want to lean toward State,… I really do. Okay, I will. Mississippi State 38 Texas A&M 35,….


Vandy @ Georgia,….  A practice game for Georgia,…. Dawgs 45 Vandy 7


LSU @ auburn,… Both teams offenses look flat. Neither has been what they were last year. LSU may have settled on a quarterback finally and auburn may need luck to win this one. Call homefield advantage luck. auburn 24 LSU 17


South Carolina @ Kentucky,…. Has Carolina quit playing? After Spurriers comments from 2 weeks ago I wouldn't blame them if they did. I’m still not over that,… You just don’t throw your own kids under a bus. Kentucky is a slight surprise to me as far as being improved. But I don’t think it is enough to beat USCeast, even with homefield advantage,…. South Carolina 21 Kentucky 19

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