Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Kudzu Queens Are At It Again,……

It is once again my privilege to be able to share what these green haired ladies are up to this time. They continue to work for causes that they believe in. Don’t know who the Kudzu Queens are? Here is a little more info on these fine women of our local communities. Kudzu Queens Covering The South And just like the plant kudzu,… these ladies do cover our area with their time, efforts and energy to help fight cancer. Their mission is never ending just like the diseases that change your life and mine.  Without further ado,… here is their latest mission. Thank you ladies for all that you do. And thank you Ms Shelia for sharing this info here,………
The entire month of October, The Marriott is helping the Kudzu Queens make money to donate to the Huntsville branch of St. Jude's Women's and Children's Hospital.
The Kudzu Queens are known around the Shoals area for wearing green wigs, participating in parades and events, and just basically being a lot of fun.  In reality, they spend a lot of time and energy to raise money for causes that are close to their hearts.
The Kudzu Queens are a group of women friends who are survivors themselves. Several are survivors of cancer, which is why they hate and fight this dreaded disease. 
On October 23rd the Marriott Hotel and Spa is sponsoring an Oktoberfest in their bar and restaurant, Swampers and the Bronzeback Grill. They have a wonderful program set up with celebrations, food, music and a long, delicious menu made especially for this event. Money from this will go to the Kudzu Queens who will then pass it along to St. Jude's. 
Please take part in the month of October by eating, drinking, and making merry at the Marriott. We hope to raise a lot of money this month, and are thankful that the Marriott cares and loves to sponsor such events in order to see the Kudzu Queens be successful!!
See you Oct. 23rd!!

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