Wednesday, November 19, 2014

AP and Coaches Polls Are Basically Worthless,….


That’s right,…. The AP and Coaches polls aren’t worth the time and effort these people put into it. No college football champion can be crowned using their polls any longer.

The new College Football Playoff Rankings,… which I find it humorous they don’t use the word “poll” will be the source of the college football championships for a while. At least till they get the bugs worked out. Which will be never since they have that human error thing going on. That is why the old BCS was born, to take out the human error of the polls. Now, we have a 13 member committee which is down to 12 due to Archie Manning being sick and stepping down temporarily. And so it is back to human error.

What would have been the logical thing to do, at least to me is keep the old BCS format and go with the top 4 at the end of the year and have the playoff. But no. They have to change it so there cannot be a repeat of two teams from the same conference playing for the national title. But,…. you say right now there are two SEC teams still in it. This is true, for now. After the conference championships are played out, one of those teams will jump Mississippi State even if they win out. Why? Because they didn’t win their conference championship. Look for the four team playoff to be expanded to include more teams. It’ll happen.

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