Sunday, November 9, 2014

Boycott The Florence Mall???,….


This idea is spreading and I can’t really understand why. The Florence Mall did decide not to allow charities to ask for money there. This does include the Angel Tree efforts by the Salvation Army. The Angel Tree will be at a new place this year New Location because of the malls decision to eliminate any charitable group to set up on mall property. Hey, its their mall. Personally I would think that one, the Angel Tree efforts would attract customers to the mall and two, the mall could allow certain charitable events while saying no to others such as say, Underwood Dixie youth, just as an example. The mall management could pick and choose which charities could be there but they have chosen to not allow any. Which is a mistake in my opinion.

But, to say one is going to boycott the mall is in simple terms,…. STUPID!! While I do try to shop/advertise/preach mom and pop stores, the mall is still 1000 times better than going to wally world. Boycotting the mall doesn’t do a thing except to hurt the retailers that are there and paying rent to be there. Most of us know someone who works there or has worked there I would think. Boycotting the mall will not bring the Angel Tree back.

Continue to shop and eat there so others can continue to work there. Our area doesn’t need anymore businesses to close. Manufacturing or retail or otherwise.

One of the sad things about this whole situation is charities will suffer. The malls decision was based on a lot of things I’m sure, laziness being one of them. You want to do something? Call mall management and voice your opinion. Go ahead, pick up the phone and dial (256) 766-2176. Call them,… leave a message if they don’t answer. Ask them why the Kudzu Queens can’t wear their green wigs and ask for donations,… Go on and dial the number, you know you want to. But continue to support the people that work the retail jobs there. Retail isn’t fun a lot of times. I know!


  1. Shoppers gonna shop...boycott or not. We should boycott all shopping on Thanksgiving...there's a much better idea.

  2. YES!!! I totally agree!! Any store that is open on Thanksgiving Day should be boycotted.

  3. I heard the Mall reversed their decision to not having the Angel tree this year. So yea looks like the talk of the boycott indeed changed their minds!

  4. Well if they did reverse their decision,... ECM Hospital is hosting the Angel Tree this year.

  5. I think that boycotting the Mall is a terrible idea!

    1. I do too,... the ones that would suffer didn't make the corporate decision.

  6. Why people are voicing their "so-called" concerns over the proposed boycott & it's possible effect on the employees of the retailers at Florence Mall, what about the employees & owners of the kiosks that are no longer allowed at the mall? Where is your "concern" for them. Sounds like hypocrisy to me.

  7. Russ,... I didn't know kiosks were no longer allowed. Why would the mall remove them? That makes no sense to me but then again mall management seems to be lacking in people skills anyway.

  8. What people are not understanding is it's not the businesses or the mall management that's made this decision, it's the mall owner's. If people want a change take it to the real problem Hull Storey Gibson. By not shopping the mall it's only going to hurt the community. If stores close due to no one shopping then people lose their jobs and the whole community will go down hill. I personally would like to see Florence thrive. Believe it or not most of the businesses out there are not happy about this change as well. Because it does hurt us, people would shop the stores to give to the angel tree. If a change is going to be made the problem needs to be addressed to the right people!

  9. Here is contact info for Hull Storey Gibson,....

    Corporate Headquarters
    1190 Interstate Parkway
    Augusta, GA 30909
    Phone: 706-863-2222
    Fax: 706-868-7457

  10. Let's boycott the mall because it's a depressingly terrible mall?