Sunday, November 2, 2014

Some Recommendations For Candidates,….

This Tuesday, you the voter have within your power, the opportunity to elect people to represent you and serve you in some capacity. Make your votes count and make an informed vote. Don’t vote for a person just because someone said to or because your neighbor is going to. Vote for that person because of what you know after finding out what that person stands for or represents. I personally do not vote for a party. Both parties have disappointed to the point that I truly wish we had a third party to stand up to the democrats and republicans and force both parties out of office to the point they both are the minority. Anyway, here are a few of my recommendations for you to consider.


For sheriff of Lauderdale County.



Greg has done a good job serving District 1




Mr. Greer has also done a nice job representing in District 2



I believe Tim would do a good job in the Senate.



When you vote for this Senate spot ask yourself this,… What has Roger Bedford done for me and my community. After answering, vote for a change. Vote Dr Stutts.