Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Sugar Bowl,… The Semis,….. Ohio St vs Alabama Part 2


The part 1 blogpost was all about the Buckeyes coach, Urban Meyer. Part 2 will be were the game will be won. This is true in every game of course. If your line doesn’t block, give the quarterback time to throw, the backs a lane to run through,… your offense will struggle. Same with the defense, if your line doesn’t pressure the opposition, more than likely you will lose. Unless it is one of those games where neither team plays defense, in which case it is more like backyard football. Defense wins championships. I believe that.

Looking at the defensive line from OSU and comparing them to the Bama offensive line,… it is close with a slight advantage going to the Tide. This will be where the assistant coaches earn their money. Keeping the players focused on what their job is and discipline (not making mistakes/penalties)  will be key. You have a 3rd down and 1 to go,… you don’t want an offsides or motion call.

On the other side, Bama’s defense vs the offensive line of OSU, Bama holds a bigger advantage. Keeping the Bama players off of Cardale Jones, the 3rd string quarterback will be a task the line will have to be successful in if they wish to score points. If they cannot do it, Mr Jones may be in for a long night. They also have no true 4th string QB so protecting him is a must. As the game wears on, conditioning will come into play and I believe with Coach Cochran, the Tide holds a slight advantage here. Coach Meyer has done well at OSU in trying to get them to an SEC caliber team. I just don’t think they are quite there yet. My heart says Bama wins this one, my head does too. Alabama 31 Ohio St 21,….. RTR!!

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