Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All I Want For Christmas,….


I really don’t want much. I have family that need healing,… I want them well. I want cancer to be gone. All of it. That’s not asking for much is it? I want babies,… children to suffer no pain. Whether it be from illness or an abusive adult. Children should not feel that kind of pain.

I want sadness and depression to be replaced with smiles and happy hearts,…. I want time to slow down. I want our country back,…. the country as a whole is sliding down a slippery slope and if things don’t change for the better soon, none of the other things I want for Christmas will matter.

I want for all that read this to have a great Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year. I hope you will prosper and be healthy. This may be my last blog post for the year,…. and if so I’ll be back next year. But more than likely I’ll be back before the year is up,… God bless,…..