Thursday, December 4, 2014

SEC Championship Game,.. 2014 Style,….


Neither of these two teams were picked by this writer in my pre-season predictions. Mainly because I still don’t think Missouri belongs in the SEC and the quarterback situation at Alabama being unresolved. Missouri has proven me wrong and so did Blake Sims for Alabama. Watching the Bama A Day game I would have never in a million years thought he could lead and perform the way he has. Hats off to Lane Kiffin too for helping in Blake’s metamorphosis from larva to butterfly,….

The SEC Championship game promises to be a good one. Missouri leads the SEC in sacks and Bama leads the SEC in sacks allowed. Going by that, it is kind of obvious that the game will be won at the line of scrimmage. Keeping the pressure off of Sims is a must for Bama while applying pressure to Missouri’s Maty Mauk and disrupting his play will be key to a Bama win.

The one thing that could plague Bama is,…. Bama itself. Coming off last weeks emotional win will be one of the biggest hurdles the coaching staff will face in preparing the team.

The game will be close maybe to the half but I do think,… if Bama can keep their eyes on the prize and looking forward, not behind, I think a 2-3 touchdown win is possible. Focus is the key for Alabama this week.  Alabama 35 Missouri 17

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