Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The OB Awards,…….


It has been a little while since I’ve done the awards thing. So without further ado,… here is a list of those special people, places and maybe a thing or two to receive this prestigious award.

Best Italian Restaurant,… hands down it has to be Ricatoni’s in downtown Florence. Best appetizer in town with the oil/basil and bread. The Pizza Margherita is always great as is the sandwiches and pasta dishes.

Best Steaks In Town,…. Got to be Legends. Always good service and food. Legends is also in downtown Florence. The Hawaiian steak is my personal favorite.

Best Local Computer Repair,… ShoalsWEB,… They offer Web-site Design & Hosting, New Computer Sales, Computer Repair, Networking & Cabling, Preventative Maintenance. And probably would talk a little football too.

Best Friend To Animal Group,… HASRA. Hands down the best animal group in the area. Dedication, determination and genuine love of animals are the driving force behind this group. They do a great job every single day and are dependent on the public for donations to keep the dogs fed, housed and cared for. Check out their facebook page for more info and how you can donate,… Click here for HASRA or Donate Here

Best Principal In The Area,…. Oddly enough, Chad Holden, principal at Muscle Shoals High School. He went by the codes set previously by the board of education on a student for having disrupting hair color. While I personally saw nothing wrong with it, Mr Holden made the call. He didn’t make the rules, he just enforced them as he interpreted them. The school board upheld his decision. Chad is a good guy and the students at MSHS are lucky to have him.

Best Teacher In The Area,… Alaina Pettus. The work she is doing at Brooks High School with the robotics program is phenomenal. They recently represented the Shoals area in state competition and placed 3rd overall in the Southeast. Congrats to her and her students.

Best Corner In The Area,… I know, I know. But I can’t give myself an award. But this one does go out to the businesses at the corner of Pine St and Chisholm Rd. Montagu’s Sandwich Shop and Frazzled Boutique are located here and both buildings have new owners. Frazzled was Frostbite and offers embroidery as well as the latest fashions for women. Montagu’s still offers those same great sandwiches and still has the best Philly Steak in town and a burger as good,… if not better than a Staggs burger. And you can get one after 2pm.
Best Readers/Viewers,…. That would have to be you. Anyone of you that have read this blog, my heartfelt thanks and OB Award goes to you. There have been over 249,000 page views since beginning this journey since May 2010. Thank you for reading and commenting. It has been fun!!


  1. Ypou failed to mention the award for Best Blogger: OB's Corner !!

  2. Well,.... its a lot of fun and I appreciate that,...

  3. Great blog, OB. And I agree with the best corner one too.

  4. Thanks,.... much appreciated.