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Who Is Shoalanda Speaks?!?!?,….

We’ll shed some light hopefully soon, but for now,… this is a list of suspects,… of which I am one. The list contains several different people and some are actually on the list more than once,… and twice. This is a copy and paste list from a site that was sent to me,…

  • MAR

    The Rape Victim?

    Much of Shoalanda's earlier blogs centered on accused rapist Brian Keith McGuire. She even posted a threatening email she'd gotten from him where he referred to her as his victim. Could she be? It's possible. Shoalanda certainly has a social conscience. She worked hard to see that McGuire's teaching license was revoked.
    But Shoalanda has moved on to other topics since most of the McGuire firestorm died down. Giving 50 to 1 odds that Shoalanda is Keith McGuire's rape victim.
    Posted 30th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Mary Carton?

    The people at the "rogue blogs" have mentioned Mary Carton as being Shoalanda. Is she? S.S does seem to feature Mary and quote/link her often, but that's no real proof. Mary has two blogs that she claims, plus works full time. She also seems to have a lot of other extracurricular activity in Tuscumbia and Colbert County. That wouldn't seem to leave much time for writing Shoalanda.
    Giving 25 to 1 odds that Mary Carton could be Shoalanda.
    Posted 29th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Clint Wilkes?

    Clint Wilkes, now there's a name I've heard bandied about. Why? Not really sure. He has time since he owns a business and spends a lot of it online. He's also into historical research. He may be a Black Sheep if that counts for anything with anyone except Phyllis White.
    Clint doesn't seem to get too passionate about much, at least using his own name. He also frequently mentions his family and coaching. Seems like a pretty full schedule to write a daily blog.
    Giving 50 to 1 odds that Clint Wilkes is Shoalanda.
    Posted 28th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Beth Fulmer Henry

    I hear the name Beth Henry a lot. Is Beth also Shoalanda? Those who filled me in on her say she's a lot like "e." Maybe just a little more low key. It seems Beth is into animals and their welfare. That would mesh very well with what everyone knows about S.S. She's big in Shoals cyberspace as well.
    Not enough data to make an accurate call, but I'll give 15 to 1 odds that Beth Henry is Shoalanda.
    Posted 27th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR


    "e" is a mystery woman. I don't have a name for her, but she seemed to disappear some time before Shoalanda came on the scene. Could she be Shoalanda? I'm told she's intelligent and willing to fight for a cause. She's also an atheist, so that doesn't jive with Shoalanda's professed beliefs.
    But I'm also told she has a vast trove of knowledge about the Shoals. That would jive. Not really enough information on her.
    Giving 30 to 1 odds that "e" could be Shoalanda.
    Posted 26th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Steve Wiggins?

    Steve Wiggins is an area native who moved back to the Shoals not long before Shoalanda made her first appearance. That seems to indicate to many that he at least has something to do with the S.S. blog. Steve has his own site, The Quad-Cities Daily. What would the purpose of Shoalanda be? They are definitely connected, but that doesn't make them the same person.
    Saying 25 to 1 odds that Steve Wiggins could be Shoalanda.
    Posted 25th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR


    PUF stands for "Pucker Up Frog." She's been a long-time poster on many Shoals area forums, but is she Shoalanda? Like Debra Glass and Nurse Nan, PUF has published writings. She's also an area native with strong opinions on the disabled. In other words, she easily fits the bill, but does she have the time. to write a daily blog? PUF's son is disabled and requires constant supervision.
    It could go either way with PUF, but we're giving 10 to 1 odds that she's Shoalanda.
    Posted 24th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Patricia Strickland?

    Patricia Strickland sometimes uses the name Taciturn. She was a long time poster on the TimesDaily Forum until she suddenly resigned. It wasn't long after that until Shoalanda appeared. Could Patricia be S.S.?
    She's supposedly an area native and not afraid to speak her mind. But she always made it a point to say she didn't believe in God. Again, Shoalanda throws in those religious homilies. Patricia is retired so she would have time, but she's also big on guns. Shoalanda only thinly veils her contempt for the gun crowd.
    25 to 1 odds that Patricia Strickland is Shoalanda.
    Posted 23rd March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Bailey Quarters?

    Bailey works with Shoalanda, but could she actually be S.S.? She says she's known Shoalanda for 30 years. Her style isn't as polished as Shoalanda's, plus her opinions seem harsher. Another act? No one seems to know who Bailey is in real life either, but one person swears it's The Brown Recluse. That would be quite a long shot.
    No, there's no reason for anyone to be both Shoalanda and Bailey. Giving 75 to 1 odds that Bailey Quarters could be Shoalanda (or TBR).
    Posted 22nd March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR


    Colette, also known as Vick13, wrote a series of articles for a local site. She writes very well, but is she Shoalanda? Colette seems to have a flexible work schedule from what I've been told. She could have time, but she isn't from this area originally. Like Rick Elliott, she doesn't seem to have the knowledge of the area that Shoalanda does. Colette also puts more humor into her writings than Shoalanda.
    Since she doesn't live in this area, we're giving only 15 to 1 odds that Collette is Shoalanda.
    Posted 21st March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Debra Glass?

    You know it's gotta be true if the "rogue blogs" say so, right? No, wrong. But Debra Glass is a very good writer. It's what she does for a living. She's like Jim Fisher who has plenty of computer time each day. She could very well be Shoalanda.
    There's a problem reconciling some things Shoalanda has said with Ms. Glass' life. S.S. harps on the importance of marriage and discourages divorce. Like we've said about almost everyone else, this could be an act to throw suspicion off Glass.
    She's the frontrunner in almost every conversation I hear about Shoalanda. I'm giving 4 to 1 odds that Debra Glass is Shoalanda.
    Posted 20th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR


    Who is b50m? She, if it's a she, writes comments on Shoalanda and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Could she be Shoalanda herself? I don't have another name to put with b50m, so she could be almost anyone. She definitely doesn't like Rramlin, aka Larry Jaynes, so she has good taste. Very fiery. Not as restrained as Shoalanda is usually.
    If b50m is Shoalanda, and that's just another assertion by those "ladies" at the rogue blogs, it would be a shock.
    Giving 75 to 1 odds against b50m being Florence's most famous blogger.
    Posted 19th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Jim Fisher?

    Could computer guru Jim Fisher be Shoalanda? He would have time and opportunity to post each day. Shoalanda's blog has always given Fisher good press.
    Yet Fisher isn't religious, and Shoalanda throws in a lot of moralizing. Most of it is pretty generic, and the references to God could be to throw the reader off. Fisher has done it before with his GoFish character on various forums.
    He's certainly worth considering. Giving 5 to 1 odds that Jim Fisher is Shoalanda.
    Posted 18th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR


    Is Trader Connections/Evaluates the blogger Shoalanda? He writes. He writes a lot. That's not saying he isn't a good writer, but he uses many words to say what some could say in a few. He also reputedly left Shoalanda's blogging group when Nurse Nan did. If there were hard feelings, he was on the opposite side from Shoalanda, whatever that may have been.
    He also gives more emphasis on reporting both sides of an issue. Like we said he uses a lot of words. If I hadn't met some who know Ed Truitt I would have thought it more likely he was Ed.
    Giving 30 to 1 odds that Trader is Shoalanda.
    Posted 17th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Nurse Nan?

    Nurse Nan, aka Firenze, worked with the Shoalanda blog group until about two years ago. She left with another blogger to start another site. Could she be Shoalanda?
    While Phyllis White's group names her as one of the actual writers, we're doubtful. After all, who haven't they named? When Nan and her partner left, ostensibly to solicit advertising, many detected some animosity. And does Nan have time to work as a nurse, publish at Pen N Sword, and also write for Shoalanda? We doubt it. Plus she seems a little more kind hearted than Shoalanda.
    We're giving 20 to 1 odds that Nurse Nan could be Shoalanda.
    Posted 16th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    J.J. Ray?

    The local writer known as J.J. Ray used to work with Shoalanda. He disappeared one day to turn up at another local site, but he doesn't seem to write much there either. Is he Shoalanda?
    Ray seems to have a much more lenient attitude toward illegal immigration than Shoalanda, plus he doesn't have S.S.'s style, or maybe that's ability to proofread. Once more, this could be a ruse, but we doubt it.
    Let's say 75 to 1 odds that J.J. Ray could be Shoalanda.
    Posted 15th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Lori Sapp Elam?

    Lori's name is one I hadn't heard until one of Phyllis White's group brought it up. Didn't even know who she was. Is she Shoalanda?
    She's married to Gary Elam who calls himself Confederate Pride online. That should say enough about him. Maybe Lori can't get a word in sideways at home and she makes up for it by being Shoalanda? Haven't seen her posting on any forums, so I just don't see her as that political.
    A great big 75 to 1 odds that Lori Elam would be Shoalanda.
    Posted 14th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Rebecca Green Thomason?

    Rebecca Thomason is a Russellville attorney. Many police officers in that town will swear that Thomason is Shoalanda. Green does write well and actually writes for a local free paper, but is she Shoalanda?
    It's possible. According to our contacts Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett and Thomason are not exactly friends. But Shoalanda claims she's not a lawyer. Could be another ruse, but we doubt it.
    Giving 50 to 1 odds that Rebecca Thomason is Shoalanda.
    Posted 13th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Rick Elliott?

    Yes, we mean Ricatoni Valentino himself. As far as we know he's never been mentioned by any of Phyllis White's group, but you can hear his name uttered occasionally in the same breath as Shoalanda's.
    Pardon the pun, but as the owner of a restaurant or two, he knows what cooks in Florence. Still he's not a native, so it wouldn't seem likely he would have the older back stories that Shoalanda does. Why would he claim to be the notorious blogger if he weren't? Who knows? Maybe he likes to see the reactions of his customers when he makes the claim, that is if he does. He does claim with a straight face that Elvis has eaten at Ricatoni's.
    We're giving 25 to 1 odds that Rick Elliott is Shoalanda.
    Posted 12th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR


    O.B.? It stands for Original Bama and he has his own blog. He’s a good writer, but is he also Shoalanda? He’s certainly pals with her. They watch each other’s back. Not anything too wrong with that. He claims to be a die hard Bama fan and I believe him. Shoalanda? She places her allegiance with Auburn. Unless it’s all an act.
    O.B. Is a Black Sheep if that means anything. Only Phyllis White Gooch and her gang seem to find that sinister.
    Still many writers have tells. A tell is something that betrays what they write even if they try to disguise their style. O.B. Is one of many who use a comma before an ellipsis. Like this: “The man said much,...” That’s not seen in Shoalanda’s writing.
    So could he be Shoalanda? We’re giving 25 to 1 odds against it.
    Posted 11th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Ed Truitt?

    Ed Truitt seems to have gotten a lot of bad press, at least from those “rogue blogs.” According to them, he doesn’t even exist. Are they telling the truth?
    There certainly are a lot of Truitts in Lauderdale County and we know of at least three sets. We also know people who’ve done business with Ed. While we’ve never met him, we’re pretty sure he exists, but is he Shoalanda?
    Not to sound too unkind, but from what we’ve read of Ed’s writing, he can’t hold a votive to whoever Shoalanda may be. We don’t doubt he was once involved with the blog, probably because those who know him say he has a personal vendetta against Keith McGuire, a well known abuser of women. Our take is he lost interest in promoting the blog after the McGuire business died down.
    We give 50 to 1 odds on Ed being Shoalanda.
    Posted 10th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    The Brown Recluse?

    You read "The Brown Recluse"? Her blog is usually all nice and rosy. There's not that much criticism. Sometimes she mentions a bad marriage and frequently links Shoalanda. Are these two blogs just two different sides of her personality?
    She usually jumps in to support Shoalanda on what SS and company call "rogue blogs." And Phyllis White has accused TBR of being part of Shoalanda, but hey who hasn't she accused? The Brown Recluse has also had her share of spin-off funny blogs taking on Phyllis and her gal pals Bowers and Robertson. She's sure as witty as Shoalanda.
    We're going to give it 20 -1 odds that the Brown Recluse is Shoalanda.
    Posted 9th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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  • MAR

    Tina Parker?

    When Shoalanda first appeared on the scene, the blog had an ad for Florence attorney Tina Parker. Several folks thought Tina must be Shoalanda. Could she be?
    Being female she would fight against rapists and handling adoptions she would fight against unfit fathers. She's also a Black Sheep if that means anything. We doubt it does except to the likes of Phyllis White.
    The blog started just about the time Tina ran for district judge, but since she lost in a big way, would she keep up the blog? We doubt that too.
    Let's say 15 to 1 odds that it's Tina Parker
    Posted 8th March 2013 by Diogenes of Sinope
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