Saturday, December 13, 2014

Will Sheffield Continue To Dry Up? Will St. Florian Flourish?,…

After several trips through Sheffield recently,… I couldn’t help but see the empty buildings on the main street in Sheffield, not just empty,… but rotting away. The whole area is an eyesore. The further north you go on Montgomery Av the better it looks,… but near the railroad tracks,… it just simply looks rat infested. It is no wonder Sheffield cannot add business,… it is a nasty place. Residents there blame the roads for making the city desolate. And there is some truth to that. But it just looks like the city and citizens have quit trying. One thing that could have helped was the overpass at the railroad tracks that were promised back in 1994. Times Daily article HERE. Sadly nothing ever became of Bobby Denton’s promise. Gov. Folsom dropped the ball too. We just recently sat and sat and sat at the tracks waiting for the train to pass. Birthing babies takes less time. And yet Sheffield continues to rot and decay and apparently there is nothing that can stop it.
On the “other” side of the tracks, so to speak is the little German town of St. Florian. A quaint little town where most everyone knows everyone. Only thing is it has a major road to Florence and Industrial Park running through it. Once on my way to El Reposo. from Cox Creek to CR 73 I counted 273 cars I met coming towards Florence. Sure, it brings in traffic for the local stores and few businesses that are there but it also creates traffic woes if you are coming from Church Road onto County Road 47,… At certain times of the day it is a bit like Sheffield sitting, waiting for the train to pass. Only more dangerous. Sitting watching the train go by,… you might get hit with a meteor. Trying to pull onto CR 47, you could get t-boned by an SUV. Again,… just like Sheffield some 20 years ago,.. help is on the way,… WHNT-TV Story This story is from May 2014 so it isn’t quite 20 years old yet. The Alabama Dept of Transportation needs to quit dragging their feet on this one. Someone could get killed at this intersection and it could have been avoided if that happens.
Town leaders might be wise and look at Sheffield as a plan of how to not plan for the future.

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