Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blogging & Bloggers,….


Way back when I first started this thing,… I had no clue what to do, which direction to take or sometimes,… even how to spell.

Things evolved and this blog has taken a few different twists and turns. Branching out into sports, local mom and pop shops, the occasional political side and even gossip.

First, I want to thank Ray Blues for his donation to “Help Frazzled Provide Some Help” on the blog the other day. I tried to get him to go buy Barbara some clothes but he insisted on donating the full amount of $300 to two children who had just lost their mother. Without this blog, he might not have seen that and known Frazzled was donating 10% of their sales to the children. That is just awesome. I salute you Ray.

So, from that standpoint, blogs can be useful. But they can also be harmful. Recently a local blogger has touched on the same murders, given their opinions all while the investigation is still ongoing. Even to the point of posting one victim was shot 8 times. Info that the MSPD had not even given out. Then they delete their post on the pen-n-sword site. A site that incidentally copies most of the TimesDaily articles often 12 hours after the TD shared the same story online. The PNS seems to not be able to post an article of its own. Unless it is posting about habitual offenders. Which I guess can be useful knowledge. Possibly why they have no advertising. Who wants to read old news? The blogger or bloggers,…. there are two of them, sometimes 42,… it just depends on what is happening inside their heads that day, seem to not have any remorse when talking about victims families, even calling one of them a hoochie momma. Real classy. But to get to my point,… when people, innocent people, get accused of being a certain blogger. Get cussed for being a certain blogger, then it is time for that blogger to take a look back and see what they have written. To see what good, if any they are doing. Are they wanting to do good or just spread their type of gossip?

For me, I’d rather have a useful blog. One that could have an impact on someone, in some way for good. I think it has done that from time to time. This is why you no longer see Shoalanda Speaks blog in the right column. I had to distance myself from that kind of hatred Carl and Bette spread. And the other 42 inside their heads. Will I have any repercussions from this? Oh yeah. But it just isn’t right for people to be accused of posting things when they didn’t. The real writers of such trash, should be the ones to hear about it.

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