Monday, January 19, 2015

If I Were A Wal Mart Greeter,……


I would have buttons. Like this guy. Lots of buttons. And a smile. I’d be the smilingest greeter WalMart ever had. It probably wouldn’t last long though.

The first customer I see with chicken breast I’d be like,… you know they inject water into the chicken to make it weigh more,… to the customer with the new dvd player,… hey man,.. Best Buy has that for 20 bucks cheaper on sale. To the lady buying the tomatoes,… you know those are grown in Mexico and have pesticides on them right? Try Big Star or Foodland for your produce. Heck, even Publix would be better.

Hey dude,… you know you could by a casket here? Just sayin!

Guy with a tv,… Sir,… you can probably find that same model in the dumpster. Wal Mart never discriminates on who they hire.

Kids with cds,… you want the same music? Pegasus Records has the same stuff and much more.

Woman with frustrated look on her face leaving checkout,… Ma’am,… the lines at local mom and pop stores are shorter and less stressful. You keep shopping here and I can hook you up with the guy buying the casket.

Well,… if I could get all of this done in 20 minutes or so,… that would be good. I’d probably be banned after that.

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