Friday, January 9, 2015

OB Is Now OBB,….

Sometimes I do things that looking back are kind of funny and or stupid or both. However, at the time it just seemed like the thing to do.
Back several years ago we were working for a Dr. Peeden out in Kendale Gardens. We ere painting the windows and trim at the time. It was hot and humid and it always seems like more so when it is on the river. The kind of humid where you can just stand there in the shade and sweat.
It also plays havoc with paint during the summer months when you work outside. The paint can get chunky and needs to be strained to get the “guts” out as we call it. Since we didn’t have a strainer, we went to the door and asked the housekeeper if she knew of some pantyhose in the house that we might could use for a strainer. Hose works great by the way for this purpose. Betty said to hold on and she would see if there was any. Betty, being black, returned shortly producing a pair of black knee high hose. This will be perfect for going around the gallon sized bucket. It will stretch around the top and you won’t have to hold it in place. But before we used it, I got the bright idea of covering my head with it. You know, looking like a burglar,…  welllllll,….. upon taking it off and getting back to work,… Chris and Stacy look at me and just bust out laughing. I’m like, okay,… what? It seems little black hairs,… about a 1/16” long were stuck to my head. Wirey looking hair. The kind that is in the sink basin when a man shaves. All over my head. It being humid, they stuck like glue. These knee highs had to have come off of Betty’s legs. She apparently didn’t find any in the house and just took hers off to give to us. I could not wait to get home to take a shower. The garden hose worked for the time being but I just had to have a shower.
I’ve always said that painting is 75% common sense and 25% talent. We went ahead and strained the paint with the hose. Not thinking about the hair getting in the paint. So much for the common sense part of it.
Now, when the song, Black Betty comes on, we all just have to chuckle.
By the way,... OBB is "Oh Black Betty" and no, I'm not really changing the initials,..

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