Wednesday, February 11, 2015

No New Info On DreamVision, Except,….

What a bunch of verbal garbage. The only thing that came out of their mouths at todays “presentation” was the Alabama Music Hall of Fame would be onsite at the SoundScape location. A location that is still unknown at this time. A WAAY related article on the same thing,... It's News To Them,...
I hope the leaders and media of our area are smart enough to realize this is just a lot of fluff. Nothing said today made me even think this is going to be a reality. I was saddened that Gary Baker and Jimmy Johnson believe the hoopla that they are presenting.
Selling it to the Shoals,….
If this guy didn’t have dyed black hair he could be Bennie Hinn,… they both preach.
Sadly,…. no location announced.
There was plenty of hoopla,…. and words that said nothing.