Saturday, February 28, 2015

Possible Sad News For St Florian & Rogersville,….


Legalize marijuana? Alabama can’t even seem to get legalizing alcohol right.

The Alabama Supreme Court overturned a law allowing smaller towns to sell alcohol. The old law, from 2009 allowed towns with a population of 1000 or more to offer a wet/dry vote to the public. The previous law from 1984 stated a city in a dry county had to be above 7000. Since the 2009 law came into play, around three dozen towns and cities statewide have gone wet. St Florian and Rogersville are the only local ones that come to mind that could be affected by the Supreme Courts recent decision. These towns have begun to rely on the tax money these businesses generate. Business owners have also devoted their own time and money in these new businesses only to see them washed away by the state.

The state legislature could possibly change the law,… but that’s what started this mess.

Here are two links with articles on the situation.



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