Saturday, March 7, 2015

Create a constellation for the Crew and Creator of the Enterprise,….


What a cool idea,… And how fitting that a constellation could be named for a show. But not any show,… Star Trek.

Go sign the petition here,… Sign here,…

I don’t know if these petitions do any good but it is fun to do and this one is an excellent idea.

More from the petition site,…

This petition was originally started to name a star after Leonard Nimoy. After breaking 1000 signatures, as promised, we are changing our request to honor the entire crew of the Enterprise, and the writer who created the universe in which so many of us grew up and found a love of scientific and space exploration. 

We would like a star for each of the following in a constellation to be called Enterprise: 

Gene Roddenberry
Majel Barret - Voice of the Enterprise
Leonard Nimoy - Spock
William Shatner - Captain Kirk
DeForest Kelley  - Leonard McCoy (Bones)
James Doohan - Montgomery Scott (Scotty)
Nichelle Nichols - Nyota Uhura
George Takei - Hikaru Sulu
Walter Koenig - Pavel Chekov
It is my opinion, and apparently the opinion of many others, that there has been no single work of cinematic art that has more encouraged the world to pursue scientific exploration, to pursue space exploration, and to (in every sense of the statement) boldly go where no one has gone before. 

Please help us honor the creator and crew of the Enterprise with this constellation.

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  1. It's a cool idea! Star Trek was a big part of my childhood (during those times we actually had a TV lolz)