Monday, March 23, 2015

Now You’re Cooking With Peanut Oil,….


Well actually it is charcoal,… but peanut oil just sounded better. It’s kind of a Duck Dynasty quote.

I love to grill. The season doesn’t really matter. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall is all grilling seasons. Charcoal is my preferred choice because it offers a better taste smoke wise and it is just more economical than gas. Plus propane is just the lazy man’s way to grill. (Take that Hank Hill) It is okay for a steak or burger, something quick, but for hours of grilling butts and ribs, charcoal and some wood added is the only way to go.

The ribs above were first started wrapped in foil. I never ever boil them before hand. There is no need to. Boiling  actually toughens the meat in my opinion. Wrapped in foil I’ll add some dry spices, rubs and maybe some water. But what makes them tender is being wrapped and the juices actually tenderizing the meat as it cooks. Once done,… usually about 3 hours (see why it is one reason I don’t use propane?) I’ll remove from the foil and replace over the coals and begin basting the sauce. Never, ever under any circumstances do I just pour BBQ sauce over meat and serve. That is not only gross but it is one of the cardinal sins. UGH!! I will baste and cook some on for about 30 more minutes or long enough to cook the sauce on. Even blacken it as shown above. 

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