Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Young Bama Fans,… Be Appreciative,…


I guess I may date myself somewhat but the Saban Era reminds me of the Bryant Era. The Bear came in and restored the program and took it to new heights in his day. Those heights had been almost unequaled in the world of college football until now.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the Bryant Era of Alabama football. I remember when Bama used to play Miami for homecoming, because it was one of those “automatic” wins. The Bear had coaching philosophies far and above any other coach in America at that time.

Now, Coach Saban enters his 9th year as head coach at Alabama. Personally, I didn’t think he’d be here that long. I’m glad he stuck around. He is right now the best coach in the business. Not only in fielding quality teams. It goes deeper than that. Like Coach Bryant, Saban teaches men to be men. To be good citizens. To do the right things in all aspects of their lives to be successful in football and life. It is all part of his “process” And it works. Alabama has been blessed.  But one day this journey will end and another chapter will begin. I just hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

Do I always agree with coaching calls? Plays? Personnel on the field? No I do not. I can armchair quarterback with the best of them. But I don’t get paid the big bucks. I have seen comparisons to Bryant vs Saban as to who is the best coach. You cannot compare them. They are both from different times in college football. The game is different.  They had different players, played different teams, coached and practiced different. It’s an apple and oranges thing. But at the end of the day,… Bama has been blessed. 

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