Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Brooks Teacher Did What?!?!?,…..


This is from a parent of a child at Brooks Elementary. This just happened and is being reported on the Huntsville news stations. What a sad, sad thing to happen to a child, while at school. Pictured above is LaSandra Faulk,… the teacher in question. Here is the mothers comments on what transpired. If this had been my child,… I might not be here to blog this,….


Today, April 22nd, I went to pick up my child at her School at Brooks Elementary. The teacher brought her out by her arm and I thought, "oh no she is in trouble." No. The teacher proceeded to tell me, "She had a small accident today but we cleaned her up and I didn't think we needed to call. You may want to send an extra pair of clothes with her for the rest of the year." So I said okay and told my daughter its okay because she looked so sad. Well as we were walking to the car I could smell her and so I tried to quickly get her home. On our way home she told me her bottom hurt. As soon as I got to our house (3 minutes from the school) I looked in her pants and was absolutely horrified! Her pants were filled with poop. I rushed her to the bathroom to clean her up and with a washcloth I had to get dried up poop off of her bottom and it was dried and clumped up all over. As I was cleaning I noticed how red her bottom was and started to see all of the blisters and bumps that WERE BLEEDING! I couldn't help but cry with my baby at this point and be enraged! I called her daddy ASAP and he immediately started calling the school at 3:05-3:15 & no answer. I called the pediatrician and they wanted us to come in right away. After being treated we went to the police department and then called a police dept closer to home who met us at our home to document and file a report of abuse. This is NOT THE FIRST situation with this teacher and WE ARE NOT THE ONLY PARENTS OF A CHILD who is being abused or has been abused whether verbally, mentally or physically by this teacher. DHR has also been contacted and both the police and DHR are conducting serious ongoing investigations. I have been to the Board as well as meetings with both Principals & Counsellors over situations involving abuse in this classroom and NOTHING has been done. Please pray for these kids that something is done and this abuse is STOPPED for good!

A petition to remove LaSandra Faulk is here,…. Remove this teacher


  1. This was my 3rd grade teacher.

    1. And how was she to you as a student? I have seen mixed reviews of her teaching skills. Which raises questions for me. Those reviews should all be in favor of,... sadly they aren't.