Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bye Bye Coffee High,…….


The decision has been made to replace Coffee High School, (the building will always be that to me and many others), with a new building to house the middle school grades at Florence Middle School. While I’m sure the board is doing what needs to be done, it is still sad to many of the alumni that attended high school there.

They can tear down and replace the building but nothing can replace the memories made there. Friendships to this day some 38 years later (wow really?) that happed as a result of attending Coffee High. Traditions have since passed with the combining the two city high schools. Things like the freshman were assigned the balcony in the auditorium. And you cannot forget the swimming pool on the roof.

Memories of Mrs Mac substituting and listening to her stories of Coffee football back in the day. The Coffee/Bradshaw  rivalry which to me was right up there with Alabama/auburn. The halls, the lockers, the stairs will all be gone soon but the memories will last forever.

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