Friday, April 17, 2015

Careful What You Blog,…


According to this article at Click Here To Read a blogger from Alabama was just ordered to pay $3.5 in a defamation case. Apparently the courts decided the blogger, Roger Shuler, lied in his blog about an affair between Luther Strange and his campaign manager.

When I got into blogging, for fun back in 2010, I thought about what I wanted to say. Promoting mom and pop stores, shopping local seemed important. And it is. I’ve made a few friends via this blog. When I strayed off course of my original thoughts on what to blog, I made few non friends if you will. From everything to politics to sports, I have made a few people upset even to the point of being called out for not capitalizing the a in auburn. I do that for a reason. To annoy the auburn faithful. It is a rivalry, I joke a lot. Roll Tide!!

I don’t think I have ever told an untruth about anyone or any situation. If I have it was truly by accident. There are local bloggers who do that and more. But for this blogger, I try to surround my blog with reputable bloggers who put much thought into what they write. Some blog personal thoughts, adventures, shopping local and information from things like flowers and hummingbirds. Some are inactive but hopefully they will get the bug again soon. Here is a list of bloggers I support that is located on the right. You can click the links and visit them. One new blog site that I really like is Judy Sells The Shoals. Very nicely done as is all of them in this list. I am also including links of interest. Be sure and click those links as well. Many people do not know about Quad Cities Daily and their local news. They also provide obituaries and local arrests like the Hard Times publishes.



  1. Oh, my word! That's a lot of money for accusing someone of having an affair! And he went to jail because he wouldn't remove it?? The boy couldn't figure out he was headed for big trouble, it appears. Appeals will take years. I wonder if he got hit so hard because of WHO he was messing with....

  2. The WHO probably had a lot to do with it,....

  3. Never blog when you are mad at someone or in a really bad mood.

  4. Always proofread what you write before you post it.

    I try to keep it light.

    War Eagle!