Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mentholatum, Mucus and Mom,….


I hated getting a cold when I was a kid. Still do,… I guess you never grow out of some things. But when I was congested or had the sniffles as a kid, Mom was always there. And usually with a jar of Mentholatum Rub. I swear you could smell that stuff for miles. Mom would rub my chest with it before bedtime. Then preheat a dry wash rag on the floor furnace. I loved that furnace. After warming the wash rag she would use safety pins to attach it to my pajama top. I would sleep like a rock. I would have said a baby but babies wake up every two hours. I could breathe, so I could sleep.

Thank you to the Brown Recluse,… and her blog on Bayer’s Baby Aspirin for even letting my mind go back in time. Be sure and read them often here  Committed Thoughts

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  1. Nobody loves us like our Mamas. I'm glad I was able to take you back to a good place with yours.