Saturday, May 9, 2015

Thank You Mom For Not Being My Best Friend,….


Thank you mom for not being my best friend. For being someone who disciplined me when I needed it. For having eyes in the back of your head it seemed at times. By not being my best friend, I learned to respect others. There are many today that need a mother like you. I was truly blessed.

Thank you for that discipline.  I sure hated it when I had to go get a switch. I was hard headed and it took multiple times for me to realize what you were trying to teach me. Although I haven’t yet learned it all, some of it did sink in. Thank you for tearing my tail up.

Thank you for believing in me. You taught me to have confidence in myself without being totally arrogant. This however didn’t come easy and sometimes I had to relearn but I think I’ve got it now.

Thank you for listening to me when I had problems. You always seemed to have the right answer no matter what. You were the wisest person I’ve known,… you set the bar high and I still try to measure up but I seem to fail.

Thank you for teaching me about God. For transferring those beliefs to me. For leading me towards the way,… Although I have failed miserably in this,… I still have faith, I still believe. I was truly blessed.

And thank you  for teaching me about Alabama football. Those fall afternoons listening to the radio broadcasts of Alabama football, raking leaves and stopping to yell and hoop and holler, will always be remembered. Roll Tide Mom,….