Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wildwood Tavern,…..


First time to visit there and because of facebook, we kind of knew what to expect. Or so we thought. The décor and the aura of the place is excellent. Nothing matches but that is good. It still flows and blends together. You have three windows looking onto Mobile Street. And three different lighting fixtures are centered in those windows. Good stuff.

We stat at one of the booths and the atmosphere is really nice. It is cozy. I ordered a Philly Cheese and Donna ordered a Pesto Chicken Melt sandwich. Mine was excellent. The bread very good as was the peppers and onions. Donna’s Pesto Chicken Melt had a taste of Riccatoni’s basil and olive oil/bread appetizer. Served with kettle chips and a dill spear, the chips have an option to be loaded. But we got just the regular.

Good food, good service and good vibes and it made for a nice outing in downtown Florence.

Be sure and check out their facebook page Click Here for their menu and pics of the place,….


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