Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Be Careful About Posting You Are Away From Home On Social Media,….

This from the Colbert County Sheriffs Department,.. And it is really about using common sense. Please share to help others stop doing this on social media.

Avoid mentioning travel plans and social gatherings online through social media.
There are a growing number of burglaries and thefts occurring during daylight hours in our area. Thieves are getting braver and attempting more crime during the day time hours than ever before. We highly recommend that you take precautions to secure your home and check your locks regularly. Also talk to your neighbors about helping each other watch the neighborhood for suspicious activity. One major thing that makes a home vulnerable to burglary is the increasing popularity of social media posts.
Whether it’s your children talking about an upcoming vacation or you talking about an upcoming business trip, mentioning publicly that you will be away from home is dangerous. In these types of situations anyone could read online, through Facebook or any social media service about the fact your home is going to be empty for a few days and this is an invitation for thieves to target your home.
One of the most difficult things for people to understand is that when they mention trips, or t-ball games, or shopping at the mall on their social networking pages, they are inviting the entire world in to burglarize their home while they are out.
Think wisely and don't post on social media that you and your family are going to be away from home. If you post "We are here at this restaurant having a great meal" .... or "We are having fun watching little Johnny play t-ball at the park" .... this tells the world that your home is vacant and unprotected. Posting pictures of the beach, or any other vacation get-away should be delayed until you return home. That way you can say, "We are home now and enjoyed our trip!!" Burglars will know you are now home and they will not be tempted to come by.
Also make sure your Facebook settings are so that only your friends can see your post. Make sure the general public can't read everything you say.
Please take care and think twice before you help the criminals. Don't let anyone know you are away from home.

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