Friday, June 12, 2015

Help The Kudzu Queens Help St Jude’s,….

Tomorrow,…. Saturday the 13th,… Beginning at 6 am at the Cross Point Church of Christ located just west of Cloverdale Rd/Wood Av on Cox Creek Pkwy, the Kudzu Queens have amassed goods, items and other objects from donations of which they are truly thankful for. These goods, items and other objects will be offered to you, the public at a yard sale. Items have been priced, sorted and are ready for you to purchase. 100% of the proceeds goes to St Jude Children's Research. 100%,…. These ladies do so much, help them help others. And in the process you could pick up something nice to take home too. There will be a silent auction for the Honda Goldwing,…  awesome stuff. Awesome ladies,… for an awesome cause.

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