Monday, June 22, 2015

Mikel Knight & His Notorious Street Teams


Social media has sprung a leak. The leak being false information concerning The Duke Boyz,… Mikel Knight and his country music style of play. They haven’t broken any laws unless it might be a failure to purchase a permit to sell cd’s in towns and cities in which they are going. Apparently the country rapper is selling his music in gas station parking lots, wal marts and anywhere they can park their rig and vans and try to sell their music. What I have seen posted on social media is they are involved in human trafficking, drugs and menacing people to the point they buy their music. While drugs might play a part in their country style of music (it would almost have to) I doubt the first and third reasons are true. If the bully you then report it. But people,… stop posting this kind of stuff unless you research it and know for a fact it is true. So far, the only crime they have committed is their music. It sucks.

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