Sunday, June 7, 2015

Misinformation From Pen n Sword,…

Pen n Sword,… a local news wanna be has misinformed the public yet again. This from their site,…

The quote from the article has been removed. The site has issued an update. There was no sense in keeping it here. Hopefully something good will once again fill the building and the best little corner in Florence will again be busy. Good luck to the former owner of Montagu's. I will miss the best Philly in town and the fried dill pickles.

While the info about Baggett Oil may or may not be true,… there is no truth to the second paragraph concerning the Montagu building. They are not in negotiations as the owners of the building just sent me a message stating they haven’t negotiated with anyone. So that part is not true. The owners are emailing them as I type this and hopefully they (PNS) will make the corrections on their site.

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