Sunday, June 28, 2015

Shoals Creek vs Shoal Creek,….

Which is the correct term? I hear it as Shoals Creek more so than Shoal Creek,… without the “s”.

I’m probably being nitpicky, but Shoal Creek is the proper name for the creek. And actually I’m not so sure it’s a creek but we’ll go with that.


This photo is from the old one lane bridge that is still there,… way back in 1924 they called it Shoal Creek.


Google maps offer the same name, Shoal Creek, in more recent times. I guess there is no right or wrong way to say it, people know what you mean. But, like I said,… I guess I’m being nitpicky. It’s kind of like when you fold your socks, I always turn them right side out too,…


  1. Yes, it's a little known fact that it is Shoal Creek. It's like daylight saving time...its NOT "savings" time...but you'll even see it with the blasted S on calendars.

  2. By a bridge in southern Tennessee it is labeled Shoal Creek.

    I blame the local Chamber of Commerce for naming the Florence/Muscle Shoals/Tuscumbia/Sheffield "The Shoals."

    1. I think the term "The Shoals" has greatly had an effect on the adding of the "s". I agree!!