Saturday, July 4, 2015



I am offended by people who type in ALL caps all the time. It is the internet version of screaming and it hurts my head.

I am offended by english peas,…. they should be removed from the planet. Along with black eyed peas,… they taste like dirt.

Speaking of dirt, I am offended by any dirt that isn’t red clay. That means I am no longer in the South.

I am offended by stoopid people. You know the ones,… they get bitten by sharks after attacks have occurred.

I am offended by people talking on the phones while in check out lines and paying no attention to the cashier.

I am offended by people texting while driving. You can kill yourself and whose,…. ME!!

I am offended by Americans who cannot speak English.

I am offended by the color blue,… and orange. And any combination of the two. RTR!!

I am offended by people who are wishy washy. You know the ones. They change their minds to suit whatever is happening around them. Example,…. one minute they like peas, the next they don’t.

I am offended by people who think they are better than others. My momma taught me long ago I wasn’t better than anyone, but no one is better than me.

Speaking of mommas,… I offended by mommas who do not discipline their children. Goes for dads too.

I am still offended by wal mart. They suck the very life out of small business.

Remember,… Shop and eat local as often and whenever you can. The dollars you spend locally stay in your community.


  1. I suddenly feel like going to buy black-eyed peas peas in a blue-labeled can at Walmart. Or maybe not. I CHANGED MY MIND.

    I agree with ridding the world of English peas. Ugh!

    1. LOL!! You covered a lot of those in one sentence,... GOOD JOB!! lol