Thursday, July 23, 2015

Met A Nice Young Man,…..


With football season approaching, I was reminded of an encounter I had with a young man from Florence High School back in January.  We had a flat and were having trouble getting the spare to lower from underneath the truck. Age and corrosion had made the lowering difficult. A young man, Deon, pictured above, stopped and asked if I needed any help. I sure did. He helped get the tire lowered and even helped to change the tire.

Deon was one of the nicest young men I had met in a long time. I come across a lot of kids at their homes because of what we do. Some will talk and some won’t. Since I like to talk I guess I’m partial to the talkers.

I asked Deon if he played ball, he said yes sir. He was a safety at Florence High School.  I was just blown away at Deon’s manners and politeness. It is just something you don’t see everyday. I got home later and looked him up on facebook. I sent him a message thanking him again and his response was, “No problem sir my mom always taught me to help others in need and i thank you for the blessing that you gave me.”  I know his mom has to be proud.

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