Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SEC West,…. Who Is Up and Down,….

sec west

With yesterday’s SEC East out of the way,… it is time for the SEC West,…


Mississippi State,…. With only eight starters returning from last year,… State might not be ringing those cow bells so loudly. Dak Prescott returns for his senior year and could be a Heisman favorite. With no depth at receiver though, Prescott might should have gone pro. I like the kid, he has talent, but one man cannot do it alone. He has very little help. Mississippi State, trending down.


Ole Miss,…. Recruiting has gone well for the Rebels and they also return 17 total starters. 10 on offense and 7 on defense. However, the defense wasn’t too good at stopping the run. They must improve on that to have success. They also will have new cornerbacks and the special teams have some question marks as well. The running game has very little depth. All in all the Rebels should have a good year, but not great. I don’t think they pull any upsets this year. Ole Miss, trending more sideways than up or down.


Texas A&M,… The Aggies will suffer from graduation last year. The offensive line will be weaker but may “gel” by seasons end. The QB play and receivers should be okay if the line can come together. The running back play should be good as well. But there again,.. it all depends on what the line does. Defensive guru John Chavis will not be able to work his magic this year. This is a longtime hire by the Aggies, not short term. So this years defense could see opponents scoring 25-30 points per game. The good news is the offense could out score them. I still think Kevin Sumlin is over rated and over paid,…. but that’s just me. Texas A&M, trending very slightly up.


LSU,…. Les Miles on the coaches hot seat? This is a very possible scenario for the Mad Hatter. They have a decent defensive coordinator in Kevin Steele that replaces John Chavis but he is no Chavis. His coaching abilities are just that, decent at best. And if Miles stays conservative on offense, the Tigers could find themselves in a place they are familiar with. Near the bottom of the SEC West. LSU, trending down.


Arkansas,… Arkansas has improved vastly with Bret Bielema. They gave Bama, A&M, Missouri and a good Mississippi St teams fits last year. Could have won all four of those games. They will be hurting on the defensive side of the ball losing experience and athletes on the line and the linebackers are a bit thin. Offense will need for the receivers to step it up and special teams could be weaker than last year. Arkansas, trending s bit up.


Auburn….  The Tigers are all about some change this year. Sometimes change is good. In this case, probably not. The defense will go from a 4-2-5 set the a more traditional 3-4 set. What does this mean? It means the D will not be used to this style of play,… it will be a learning experience for them. Also called growing pains. The offense too, will experience a drop off. Everyone is high on Jeremy Johnson. He is a good QB but he doesn’t run like his predecessors. He is a pass first type of QB, not the option type of attack QB they have used. Again, growing pains. Depth at the linebacker spot could hurt if players don’t stay healthy. Auburn,… trending down.


Alabama,… The offensive line should be one of the best. The defensive line too, will be tough to run on. Other than the punting game, there are too many unknowns. Was the secondary good in the Spring game or was the QB play that bad? The receivers have a little experience, but again, an unknown. Running backs could be could if they stay healthy and the QB spot is still up for grabs much like last year. But, I don’t see another Sims emerging this time. Lack of experience at the QB position will not fair Bama well. Not unless some miracle happens. Alabama, even with the unknowns,… trending sideway.

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