Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Some Old, Forgotten Men's Colognes and After Shaves,…


Way back yonder,…. when it was important to smell good. Possibly around my 5th or 6th grade year, I discovered colognes. Colognes and after shaves (I wasn’t shaving yet but couldn’t wait) ( we did have a guy in the 6th grade that was shaving and driving. I think he might have been dating a teacher too) were going to help make me popular with the girls. Oh yeah,… impressing the girls at school and church was a very important thing. The downside to this was in the fall,.. the smells from these fragrances attracted yellow jackets. That is never a good thing. Being dumber than a box of rocks, it took me 3-4 years to figure out why yellow jackets were attracted to me. Once I figured it out,… I would forgo wearing colognes until winter. There again, there is a downside,… school started in the fall,.. so I had to wait to try to impress the girls via their noses.

Aqua Velva was a classic. It had a nice menthol smell to it and had a cool feeling to the face. Once I started to shave I tried using after shaves and it was like slashing fire onto my face. I soon quit using after shave.



Ahhhh good old English Leather,… even though it was after shave,.. being the rebel I was, I used it for cologne. It seemed to work well. Not as well as their advertising tactics though,…. Most of the marketing for English Leather featured an attractive woman telling male viewers or readers that “All her men wear English Leather.” Translation: If you want hot babes, slap on some English Leather, I never had a girl tell me that.



One of the more traditional manly smells has got to be Old Spice. It did and still does have a spicy smell too it. The scent is timeless and probably conjures up some memories of a dad or grandpa that wore it.



I had some older cousins that wore this,… or at least had it in the bathroom. I never wore it but thought the bottle was cool. I don’t remember much about the fragrance and according to a small instruction booklet of karate moves that you were supposed to use to fend off the women who would be all over you after you applied this irresistible fragrance. I don’t remember the cousins having to use those moves to fend off the girls,….


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