Monday, July 27, 2015

The SEC East,… Who Is Up and Down,….

sec east

It is always fun to talk football. For me, college football is the best. Living in SEC country I certainly am partial to this conference. Making weekly predictions on the games and picking how teams will finish are fun too. I am not a sports writer, I’m just a fan that likes to be that armchair quarterback. These are all opinions of how I think each team is, heading into the new season. Here goes nothing,…..

Vandy,… Derek Mason is learning as he goes as far as being a head coach. He really needs to get all of his players on the same page. Settle on a quarterback because last year, the team really had no offensive leader Coach Mason had better learn quickly or he may not get another chance. Vandy, trending down if that’s even possible.


South Carolina,… The defense needs to vastly improve over last year. Going to a more traditional 4-3 defense could help but the linebacking crew is thin. On the other side, the offensive line has some good ones coming back and their WR spots are solid with Pharoh Cooper. One thing Coach Spurrier doesn’t need to do is rotate the QB’s like he is famous for doing. But hey, that’s why he is a coach and I sit in my chair,… South Carolina, trending slightly down.


Tennessee,… Coach Jones is building something good at Tennessee. Recruiting has been good, they have a veteran group of players. All positions are fairly solid and they should have one of the best running tandems in the conference if not the country.  That all depends on the offensive line play that could be a weak link along with linebacker play. Those two areas aren’t bad but they will have to be injury free. Tennessee,… trending up.


Missouri,…. For the last two seasons I have picked this team to do badly. They won the East both times. Will I be wrong again? I don’t think so. They lack depth in the running game and the offensive line is a bit weak on the outside. I don’t think Coach Pinkel can pull the rabbit out of the hat this year. Not even if Maty Mauk improves. Missouri,…. trending down.


Florida,… Will Muschamp left Florida hurting. Recruiting while it wasn’t bad,… his staff did not develop players as they could/should have. Especially with the offense. Coach McElwain will have his job cut out for him not only this year but possibly the next two. Florida hasn’t been this bad off in years. I just hope the fans and alumni realize that the once “coach in waiting” at Texas nearly ruined the Florida football program. Florida,… trending down.


Kentucky,…. Losing the last six games of the season last year had to be tough for the Wildcats and the fans. Recruiting is a bit improved so maybe, just maybe the Cats will be too. They will be weak on their defensive front seven but the secondary should be able to help. Kentucky,… trending a lil bit up.


Georgia,…. There are not many weak spots on this team. The QB hasn’t been decided but with the offensive weapons that will surround him,… just manage the game. Bama fans know that’s all he has to do. This team has probably the best running backs in the country. There just aren’t many weaknesses on this team. From special teams to the water boy they are solid. The one downfall is coaching. A new offensive coordinator in Brian Schottenheimer, but Coach Richt will still have his hands in the mix.  Georgia,… trending up


I've got to go with the finishing order like this,….

1. Georgia

2. Tennessee

3. South Carolina

4. Missouri

5. Florida

6, Kentucky

7. Vandy


  1. So Florida should have a bad year. Things come and go. Go Gophers!

  2. Will be pulling for Minnesota against UM, OSU, Nebraska for sure.